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Co-combustion of municipal solid waste with cement production

This is a pilot project by Green Island Cement Company Limited and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, funded by the Innovation and Technology Fund under the University-Industry Collaboration Programme.

The project aims at developing the process and equipment design for an integrated waste management system. Distinctive features include:

(a) Waste-to-Materials Recovery - Reuse of residual ash resulted from the treatment process as clinker input for cement manufacturing.

(b) Waste-to-Energy Recovery - Recovery of energy generated from exothermic destruction of waste as an alternative energy input for cement manufacturing, thereby reducing consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels (e.g. coal).

The maximum capacity of the pilot plant was 40 metric tones of municipal solid waste per day.

MSW Co-combustion Process. The text above describes the image.
(Source of above: This web page has hyperlinks which may transfer you to third-party website.Green Island International (BVI) Limited)

A license was obtained from the Environmental Protection Department under the Air Pollution Control Ordinance, allowing limited period of operation for the pilot plant.

The plant was installed and commissioned in 2005. Continuous operation of the pilot plant started in early October 2005. The pilot project had completed its objective and operation of the pilot plant ended on 17th December 2005.

More information about the project is available on Green Island Cement Company Ltd's website: This web page has hyperlinks which may transfer you to third-party website.http://www.gii.com.hk/eng/waste_mgt.htm

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