Renewable Energy Target for Hong Kong

In the document "A First Sustainable Development Strategy for Hong Kong" published in May 2005, the following targets in the area of renewable energy have been put forward:

  1. To organise more public education programmes on RE and sustainable energy consumption that links these issues to local and global sustainable development.
  2. To aim to have between 1 and 2% of Hong Kong's total electricity supply met by power generated from renewable sources by the year 2012, with this target being subject to regular review in the light of advances in technological solutions and emerging sustainability considerations.
  3. To develop plans to promote energy efficiency and conservation as part of a sustainable energy policy.

It is also expressed in the same document that "The challenge for Hong Kong is to see whether we can find a way to obtain regular and cost-effective electricity from renewable sources for supply to consumers - especially given that current RE technologies, for example, wind turbine installations, tend to be land-intensive, and that we have few sites suitable for locating large scale facilities locally. As there are limits to how much we can do within the boundaries of Hong Kong itself, we have to set ourselves realistic objectives and targets for deriving some of our electricity from RE sources, and consider other practices that will lead to a more sustainable and efficient use of energy."

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