Example Projects

(1) Geothermal plants in the US

The Geothermal Energy Association website provides a full list of geothermal plants in the US, with technical data and photos of the plants.
Link: This web page has hyperlinks which may transfer you to third-party website.http://www.geo-energy.org

(2) Geothermal heat pump system at Wetland Park, Hong Kong

(Note that geothermal heat pump is generally not considered a renewable energy technology.) The geothermal heat pump air-conditioning system (GHP A/C) has a total cooling capacity of 2500kW. It provides air conditioning for the Visitor Centre of Wetland Park. The GHP A/C system consists of a ground-coupled heat-pump air-conditioning unit, vertical geothermal closed-loop heat exchanger, and aqua-thermal closed-loop heat exchanger. The geothermal heat exchanger is formed by 468 pairs of 32mm diameter vertical high-density polyethylene pipes, each pipe being 50m in length. These pipes are inserted into boreholes and embedded in bentonite clay cement grouting for better conductivity. The aqua-thermal heat exchanger serves as a back up to the geothermal heat exchanger. It rejects heat to the water in the storage pond and the water feature of the Park.

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