Resource Potential

For design of solar PV systems, an important design parameter is the daily mean horizontal solar irradiation for each month of the year. A typical set of figures for Hong Kong is given below. The figures were derived from the solar irradiation data gathered by Hong Kong Observatory's King's Park weather station over the past twenty years.

Month Daily Mean Horizontal Solar Irradiation (kWh/m2/day)
February 2.75
March 2.82
April 3.29
May 3.91
June 3.97
July 4.60
August 4.23
September 4.01
October 3.95
November 3.44
December 2.98

According to the renewable energy study report of EMSD , a typical horizontally mounted PV system is expected to generate about 121 kWh/year per square metre of PV panel.

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