Grid Connection

Please refer to Grid Connection section for general information on grid connection.

For small wind turbines, connection to the grid will most likely take the form of "indirect grid connection", i.e. the AC output of the inverter for the small wind turbine is connected to the distribution system of the location, such that the small wind turbine operates in parallel with the grid to provide power to the location.

For such kind of grid connection arrangement, a small wall-mounted grid-tie inverter with built-in anti-islanding protection feature usually suffices. Connection to the distribution board is made through a lockable double-pole (for single-phase) or four-pole (for three-phase) isolating device incorporated with earth fault protection feature.

Grid-tie inverter (left) and controller (right) for a 1 kW wind turbine. The text above describes the image.
Above: Grid-tie inverter (left) and controller (right) for a 1 kW wind turbine

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