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Wind is the result of air movement due to the variation in solar radiation absorption on different parts of the earth and the dynamic effects from the earth's rotation. It can be considered an indirect form of solar energy.

A wind turbine is a device which converts the kinetic energy of the wind into rotational motion of the turbine rotor to drive an electric generator producing electricity. This section of the website covers the topics of Large Wind Turbines, Small Wind Turbines, and Offshore Wind Farms.

Offshore wind farms

Starting from the beginning of the 21st century, wind farm developers began to make use of the stronger wind over the sea by planting wind turbines on the seabed, often several kilometers from the shore.

Large wind turbines

Large wind turbines are those with power rating of several hundred kW to a few MW. Such wind turbines are often installed in arrays to make up wind farms in windy locations. Wind farms are invariably connected to the electricity grid and deliver the generated power into the grid.

Small wind turbines

Small wind turbines are often used in remote locations, sometimes in conjunction with PV panels, to provide off-grid power. Small wind turbines can be several hundred watts, or up to tens of kW in power capacity. Small wind turbines are also found on sailing boats for battery charging.