Resource Potential

Since the gas yields of closed landfills are decreasing, and the quantities of gas produced in the closed landfills are small compared to those of the three operating landfills, therefore the major source of landfill gas in Hong Kong is the strategic landfills. According to the EPD's information, the average quantity of gas utilized for each strategic landfill in 2017 are as follows:

  • 5,133 m3/hr for WENT Landfill;
  • 2,865 m3/hr for SENT Landfill; and
  • 6,229 m3/hr for NENT Landfill

It should be noted that with the implementation of the waste reduction plan, and with possible extension of operating life of existing strategic landfills, adjustments will need to be made to these earlier estimates.

The heat value of landfill gas is approximately 18 MJ/m3.

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