Hong Kong is a metropolitan city with a population of over seven million and a land area of about 1106 square kilometres. There are no indigenous energy resources such as oil, gas or coal and the city has been relying mainly on imported fossil fuels to meet its energy needs. Energy consumption has been increasing over the past decades, driven by the growth in the economy. The government has put in considerable efforts to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to restrain the rise in energy demand, for sustainable development of the territory.

This website was launched by the Energy Efficiency Office (EEO) of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. The purpose of this website is to provide to the public useful information on renewable energy technologies, so as to facilitate the wider adoption of such technologies in Hong Kong.

You can find in this website information on working principles, types, and application considerations for renewable energy technologies, with emphasis on those technologies suitable for application in Hong Kong. In addition to these, information on some renewable energy projects in Hong Kong, news/events relating to renewable energy in Hong Kong, educational resources and frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) on renewable energy, and information on some suppliers and contractors of renewable energy equipment in Hong Kong (obtained through a survey) can also be found on this website.

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