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Solar Harvest - Solar Energy Support Scheme for Schools and Welfare Non-Governmental Organisations

  1. Solar Harvest is introduced by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (Government) to subsidise and assist:
    1. schools (except Government and profit-making schools); and
    2. welfare non-Governmental organisations (NGOs) which are receiving recurrent subventions from the Social Welfare Department

    in installing small-scale solar energy generation systems at their premises.


  1. Solar Harvest is a Government programme to promote the development of local renewable energy. It installs solar energy generation systems for eligible schools and welfare NGOs for free. These schools and welfare NGOs can then join the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme operated by the two local power companies. Under Solar Harvest, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department provides one-stop service and follows through the entire process of solar energy generation system installation (including conducting site visits and technical assessments, drawing up design of solar energy generation systems, procuring equipment, installing solar energy generation systems and conducting system testing, etc.), as well as facilitates the participation of eligible schools and welfare NGOs in the FiT Scheme (including submission of FiT applications to the power companies and liaison with the power companies on the grid connection arrangements, etc.). All the expenses in relation to the solar energy generation installation and FiT application (including capital costs of the solar energy generation systems, installation costs, costs of professional services, etc.) will be fully covered by the Government under Solar Harvest.


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  1. For enquiries, please contact the Event Secretariat of EMSD by telephone at 3155 3977 or by e-mail-
    Welfare NGOs: