Rules and Regulations

  1. On electrical installation aspects

    • According to the Electricity Ordinance, owners of electrical installations should employ registered electrical contractors to carry out electrical work (including new installation, addition, alteration, inspection, testing and repair). The registered electrical contractors should arrange registered electrical workers of appropriate grades to carry out the work. A Registered Electrical Contractor should be employed to carry out for the work. Visit the following site for more information: This web page has hyperlinks which may transfer you to third-party website.

    • Code of Practice of Electricity (Wiring) Regulations, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

    • Supply Rules of the power company concerned

  2. On grid connection aspects

  3. On building structure/space aspects

    Concerning the building structure/space considerations, the building owner/occupant is advised to make reference to approved plans of the parent building and to consult building professionals to ensure that the existing building is structurally safe to support the additional system components, and that the prescribed windows as well as the means of escape including any roof designated as refuge floor thereof are not obstructed. Where alterations and additions to the existing building structure are involved to support the additional system components, prior approval and consent from the Building Authority under the Building Ordinance and Lands Department are required. An Authorized Person (AP) (Architect, Engineer or Surveyor registered under the Buildings Ordinance) and the respective District Lands Offices should be consulted in case of doubt.

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