Why Use Renewable Energy

Energy for the Future : Renewable energy never runs out. Fossil fuels are finite and will someday be depleted.
Cleaner Environment : Renewable energy sources are clean sources of energy. The process of utilising renewable energy to generate electricity or heat has a much lower environmental impact than the conventional power production process utilising fossil fuels. The RE-source power production process (e.g. solar photovoltaic, wind power generation) produces virtually none of the emissions (NOx, SOx, particulates) associated with urban air pollution, thus reducing the adverse effects on human health particularly the chronic health problem.
Climate Change Mitigation : The use of RE use does not produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The GHGs will accentuate the insulating effect in the upper atmosphere, prevent dissipation of heat from the earth at the usual rate and will result in global warming.

The consequences of global warming are serious. The global warming effect shifts the natural rhythms and processes of our planet, melts glaciers and ice in the South and North Poles, resulting in significant impacts on climate, ecosystem, agricultural production and economic activities. Global warming also increases the sea level.

Economic Development Opportunities : The use of renewable energy can provide new opportunities for economic development and employment.

Renewable energy plays an important role in a sustainable energy system. It should however be noted that renewable energy is not the only solution to the problems of fossil fuel depletion, atmospheric pollution and global warming. In order to build a sustainable energy system, different types of energy technologies need to be pursued, together with non-technical measures such as fiscal measures and public education. Renewable energy technologies, energy efficient end-use technologies, advanced types of conventional energy technologies, and other new energy technologies will all play an important part.

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