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Wind Resource Maps

Notes to Users

The user of EMSD's Wind Resource Maps should be aware that the wind resource data and related energy figures provided by this website are for general information only and are all subject to uncertainties, one reason being that the highly complex terrain of Hong Kong has stretched the limits of the wind flow modelling software employed in developing the wind resource data. The user should also read carefully the Terms and Conditions page, the Information page, and the notes that appear on each page of the website.


Wind Resource Maps Disclaimer

The information contained in these maps are provided by Hong Kong Observatory of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("the Government") for general information and reference only. Whilst the Government endeavours to ensure the accuracy of this general information, no statement, representation, warranty or guarantee, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy or appropriateness for use in any particular circumstances.  Please note that, as Hong Kong has complex topography and large variations in the extent of urbanization, there are significant variations in wind speed and direction over different parts of the territory.  In some cases, there could also be noticeable differences between stations within the same region due to the elevation of anemometer and influence of surrounding environment.

The mapping information provided on this website is protected by copyright owned by the Government. No express or implied warranty is given to the accuracy or completeness of such mapping information or its appropriateness for use in any particular circumstances.

The Government is not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any information including mapping information, data or programmes on this website. The Government reserves the right to omit, suspend or edit all information compiled by the Government in this website at any time in its absolute discretion without giving any reason or prior notice. Users are responsible for making their own assessment of all information contained in these maps and are advised to verify such information by obtaining independent advice before acting upon it.



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